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A Hero.

Boom! The fire came out of every window just like it was supposed to. No one in there could have survived. That’s the glory of modern war. Kill hundreds and see no death. I bet the military train you not to care. But we weren’t soldiers. The thunder of the explosion made every car alarm in his huge garage go off, the beeping of the horns sounded so innocent after the violence. No police would come all the way out here.

It was a solid plan. Blow up the entire building and watch it burn. Anyone who flees gets a bullet. No one will flee, nothing is coming out of that. I stood with my gun aimed at the burning side door. That was my post. I would stay there until the fire was out.

I hoped he was in there. Dead and all his grunts with him.

The smell of burning flesh and plastic was overpowered by the accelerant we used.

She came out of the window. A wet towel around her. Small like a toddler but, agile enough to recognize that wasn’t true. I focused on the chain around my neck, reminding me why I was here. Total annihilation of his inner circle. Destroy the man who destroyed so many lives. I was not a soldier. I squeezed my trigger. She dropped. The towel she’d used to cover herself now hid the body of yet another victim of his evil. I wasn’t a soldier, I was a hero.

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