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Bruno, The Famous Dwarf Magician

Bruno's magic was running out, the ogres were getting uncomfortably close to his hiding place, and his beautiful beard had been singed by dragon's fire.

Stupid pink dragon. She'd been quite a character. The only creature to ever surprise Bruno, The Famous Dwarf Magician. Not that his beard being whole would save him now, but why did she have to jump out like that?

Bruno looked around his tiny cave hideout as the crunchy foot falls of the ogres grew closer. There was nothing useful. All of the leaves were dead and the sticks were miniscule. A loud booming crunch was just outside.

No options left, the Dwarf picked up a tiny twig and focused his magic, careful not to destroy the offshoot. Just as the ugly green head turned into Bruno's hole he shot the magically charged twig and hit the brute in the eye!

The ogre grasped his face, stumbling backward. Then the ugly brute ran away, cursing the thought of eating the dwarf ever again.

Free from fear or harm, Bruno stood brushing off the grime and dirt. After taking a good deep breath of fresh air he stroked his poor singed beard and smiled. Bruno thought he would go see what the pink dragon was up to. He rushed off to see her again. Tucking the remains of his beard into his scarf as he ran.

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