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Disaster, Aspect, Choking

Genre: Disaster

Random Word: Aspect

Random Action: Choking

Story Length: 300

The ground shaking wasn’t the scariest part - it was the blood. I was aware I should be moving - running, I couldn’t remember how to do that. Main street was covered in rubble and bodies. Everywhere I looked was suffering. The worst aspects of humanity were showcased here in the horror. A woman pushed an elderly man out of her way as she ran to the shelter of a covered bus stop. A crowd trampled a skinny teenager just yards from me.

It was their cruelty that reminded me how to function. I knew it was wrong and if something was wrong then something made sense. Sense of reality was helping me. Feet - feet are what move you. I moved my feet and ran to the skinny teen. He was crying and shaking, bloody. Words were harder. I just helped him up. Down an alley that I somehow knew led to a large open parking lot. I saw the crowd there. I let him go. I moved my feet back to where I came - Why? There was a reason I knew it. A man. An elderly man was crawling past the dead bloody heap of a crushed human. Again words required more than I knew so I put my arm under his and assisted him to stand. We stumbled so many times as the world shifted. He was choking on something. He spat out blood but kept moving. We made it to the parking lot just as the world found its footing and we stopped shaking. I was dizzy. The man sat on a parking block. I stood without his weight. I wanted to heave. The mortification turned tired. My arms and legs were numb now. Loud screaming everywhere. I laid on the asphalt and let the quiet darkness have me.

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