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Halloween, Vampire, and Eating Candy.

Here's a story for you as we start the spooky season!

Millard was a ghost whose best friend Tom was a vampire they spent every Halloween visiting all the haunted houses and scaring little children. This year however, Millard decided he wasn't going to scare the children. He wanted to join the children. They seemed so happy and clearly loved this candy thing they carried in bags around the town. Candy wasn't around when Millard was alive and now he wanted to try it. Tom did not approve. "Halloween is for scaring not for candy," he told Millard. But Millard was determined. The problem was he didn't know how to get it. The human children simply said "trick or treat" at a door and they were gifted this candy. But, whenever Millard rang a doorbell the answerer would scream and run away they didn't give him candy. House after house poor Millard wasn't gifted any candy. Tom the vampire didn't approve of his best friend's idea at first, but seeing how sad not getting candy was for Millard, Tom decided to help. Tom could charm humans it was a gift of his kind. He came to his friend and put a cold arm around the ghost shoulders. Then Tom rang a doorbell. "Hello," he smiled when they answered the door. The woman was holding a bucket of candy and she smiled at Tom but as soon as she saw the ghost that was Millard she screamed. Even vampire charm couldn't get Millard candy. Millard sat on the curb not bothering to be invisible and Tom sat sadly next to him. his charms had never not worked before. As they sat wallowing in suffering and small girl in a jellybean costume came and sat next to them. "What's wrong?" she asked. Startled at first Millard said, "I wanted candy but the people are too afraid of me and my friend here has never been so rejected." "I'm so sorry," the little girl said. "All I wanted this Halloween night was to enjoy some candy with my friend like the human children do." "Well, I can help with that!" she was so happy her smile was nearly ear to ear when she pulled out a box of candy from her brightly colored bag and handed a piece to both Millard and Tom. "You unwrap it," she showed them how to twist the paper open. "And you eat it." she popped hers into her mouth and the Ghost and the vampire copied her. "Wow, so this is candy?" Millard asked. "Its one kind, but there are lots of other kinds." She rummaged in her bag and pulled out another type and gave a piece to each of them. "Mmm, I like this one better," Tom said. On and on they shared and ate candy until the bag was completely empty. In the end Millard's favorite was anything with peanut butter, and Tom liked the raisins best. "This is the best Halloween ever!" Millard said. "Thank you for sharing your candy with us. What's your name." "I'm Sora and this was my favorite Halloween too," she said. "I have to get home now. Wanna come to my house and watch Halloween movies?" The two agreed and the three of them walked across the street and Sora lead them into her house and introduced them to her grandma who didn't see too well. "We've never seen a movie before," Tom said. "Thank you for letting us." "Oh, you're so charming, its my pleasure." She welcomed them in and Tom was so happy that someone thought he was charming again. "Best Halloween ever," He said. Then Tom and Millard got to watch their very first movie. And that is how a little kindness gave three silly misfits the best Halloween ever.

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