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How to Start a Rebellion

“Raise taxes! That’s preposterous,” said a plump man in purple garb.

“The farm owners need a waterway before winter!” replied a short bearded man, also in purple. King Percy had been listening to this argument all four days he’d been king.“You’re Majesty; this drought will ruin the soil if something isn’t done. It’s better to have people upset now than starving later.”

The king rubbed his temples. A guard announced someone’s arrival. The two men bowed as they said in unison,

“My lady.”

King Percy locked eyes with the charcoal haired beauty that’d just walked in. “Gentlemen, Leave,” he said.

Once the council members and servants were all dismissed, the king smiled.

“Thank you for saving me,” He said. She narrowed her eyes with a smirk. Crossing the room in a burst, she landed atop his lap. Surprised, he glanced around for witnesses.

“What have I saved you from?” Her voice was low and throaty.

“Oh it’s this waterway. If I agree to build it then my first act as king is to raise taxes. However, if I choose not to build it then this drought could mean starvation.”

“Well, you’re the King; tell them you need a year.” She tickled the back of his neck with her fingers. “They can wait a year.”

“They can?” The king’s eyes were closed.

“See how they feel after a year without crops,” her lips brushed his cheek, “the feeble tax payers will be begging you for a waterway.”

“Maybe, but the farm owners,” he opened his eyes, “they could rebel.”

“Rebel?” she scoffed. A finger under his chin.

“They know they won’t have crops without it.”

“Yes.” she leaned in, “but you’re the King.” A soft kiss grazed his lips.

“Chamberlin, call the councilors back in. I’ve made my decision.”

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