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Mindy and the Monsters 1

The slime and acid inside this belly smelled revolting. "Why would anyone eat an airplane?" Mindy noticed the corroding heap that was under her as she floated by. "Monsters are so stupid." She continued to herself. It was lucky this monster was big enough she had room to fly. She couldn't imagine having to jump through all the garbage this beast had swallowed. Finally she spotted her commission. Dr. Edward Clark, the head scientist of her division, was laying flat on his back atop an old station wagon.

"How long had that thing been rotting in here?" Mindy flew towards the Doctor, she didn't want to land and get her new boots dirty, but seeing the state of Dr. Clark there was no way her outfit was getting out of here unsoiled. She sighed and landed next to the unconscious man covered in bile. His chest was slowly moving up and down, pushing the buttons of his shirt tight then loose.

"Alive. Good. Makes my job easier." Mindy grabbed the front of Dr. Clarks shirt and coat, grimacing at the squishy snot looking goo now covering her fashionably pink gloves. With ease she tossed him over her shoulder and he made a groaning noise and Mindy felt chunky liquid splash against her legs.

"Really? Barf? Because if this situation wasn't the grossest thing ever already?" She growled. She aimed the blaster bracelet, as she called it, at a thinner looking part of the monster's stomach wall and fired. Unfortunately, the beam of light just ricocheted off the wall and hit a BMW half sunk in the lake of slime. The car caught fire. The belly around them started to move. Mindy shot up, still holding Dr. Clark like a potato sack, as the station wagon sloshed back and forth.

"Can anybody hear me?" She yelled into her communicator, but no response. If she couldn't blast their way out the only two options were either the way she came in or... She didn't want to think about the other.

"I am not dying in a digestive tract." She told herself. The sloshing and was making the fire bigger and smoke didn't help the smell. Mindy dodged splashed waves of disgusting bile as she headed for the esophagus. The plane she'd noticed before was flung in her path, the wing nearly killing her and she zoomed out of the way but it was so close it knocked her foot, unbalancing the Doctor. She tried to readjust but he was falling. She dropped altitude suddenly, so he hovered above her for not even half a second, it was all she needed. Just before her boots hit the bile she shot off knocking more of Dr. Clark's lunch out of him but he was steady on her shoulder now. She aimed herself at the 6ft purple and green hole in the wall that was the monster's throat and willed herself as fast as she could towards it.

The fire was getting bad and flaming bile was coming for them.

"Guess she's got a weak stomach too, Doc." Mindy said to the man she carried, not even kind of sure he was awake. "This ain't gonna be pretty." She said then tightened her lips as closed as she could get them. They flew into the hole just before the BMW and a few tracker tailors hit it. The hole widened to make room for it's flaming vomit but Mindy wasn't sure she could keep up this pace. She was draining her strength flying this hard, and the doctor got heavier, with every second. She felt the heat of the flames getting closer and tears started streaming out of her eyes. Finally she saw teeth. Giant fangs had never been so welcomed a sight, they parted. Good thing this monster wasn't ladylike, Mindy thought as the mouth opened. The Monster hurled the sewage and flaming bile all over the cave floor. Mindy and Dr. Clark hit fresh air and did a sharp turn East to avoid as much of the puke as possible. Mindy dropped to the stone ground and rolled a few yards to the monster’s right. The Doctor seemed ok; he rolled off next to her unconscious.

"Good?" She asked him. She saw his buttons go up and down rather rapidly but he was alive. "Good." She plopped on her back and felt the ground rumble as the monster, and ugly purple thing, stalked off to a better smelling part of the cavern.

"Mindy? Mindy are you there?" A voice buzzed in her ear.

"Yes, I'm Here and, " she paused for dramatic effect. "The Doctor is alive." There was cheering on the other end.

"We're coming to get you. How is he?" Mindy looked at him again and he began to stir. "He's waking up," she said. He sat up rubbing his head and grimacing at the bile he now sat in. Then he looked at Mindy. The buzzing voice said,

"Is he coherent? Does he have any head trauma?" Dr. Clark looked stunned, he reached a hand towards Mindy but she was too far away.

"You're so Pretty," he said then fell onto his back again. Mindy smiled.

"He seems perfectly okay to me."

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