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Spy- Thriller, Flood, Glancing.

Genre: Spy-thriller,

Random Word: Flood,

Random Action: Glancing

Story Size: 500 words

The old Spinster had not stopped talking about her lost diamonds since the night began. I knew the agency was mad about me losing the stolen money last week, but they got their bad guy; this was cruel and unusual punishment. I got into the private sector to avoid overhead drama like this. We sat together in the back of an unmarked van outside the casino while Chasen and Ben were inside. We had no coms so they didn’t have to listen to the old bat’s story over and over again, only I had that pleasure. My only reprieve was a silent video fed from the security cameras above the casino floor.

“Please shut up?” I groaned.

“Don’t be rude, young man.” She hissed back at me.

“I said please.” She was about to scold me when the large ‘boom!’ from the bomb shook the van and the camera feed went blank.

”What happened?” she started crying, “What happened?”

I pushed open the van doors to see the casino, no flames, only smoke. I rushed the doors as a flood of gamblers poured out, coughing and hacking from the gray plooms. I pulled my smoke mask and goggles up from around my neck. I didn’t see Chasen or Ben. That’s good, right? I thought. I ran to the craps table, the last place me and the spinster had seen her stolen diamonds. But they weren’t there. The debutant arm candy must have run towards the bomb. I know I didn’t pass her. I ran towards the broom closet and saw her in a harness with a hook line gun in her hand. She shot it, hooking on to a high window.

“I don’t think so!” I unsheathed and shot my stun gun in one motion. She dropped, twitching wildly as I held the trigger. When she was out cold and I thought she’d had enough, strolled over to her. I placed one finger under the diamond necklace and pulled. The clasp broke into my hands. Her earrings and the bracelet were next. Glancing around at the clearing smoke, I pocketed them in the hidden compartment of my jacket. Then removed the girl’s harness, kicking into the closet.

“You got her, Joe!” It was Ben. Right on time.

“I’m too late,” I said. “She was just a decoy, the thief got away through the skylight. Ben’s eyes followed the hook line. “I’m too late again.” I growled, throwing my goggles to the floor.

“You’ll get them next time.” Ben gripped my shoulder. “Lucky, you had your goggles. Me and Chasen had to go get ours.”

“Always be prepared,” I said, then in my saddest voice, “Can you do me a favor? Can I take the car? Another minute in that van with her and she might lose more than her diamonds tonight.”

He smiled and tossed me the keys.


“No problem. It’s really too bad about the diamonds.”

I started towards the car. “Yep, too bad.” I called behind me.

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