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Tall Tale, Jumping Rope, Genius, 300 words

Genre:Tall Tale,

Action: Jumping Rope,


Story Length: 300 words

Let’s all sit quiet like and I’ll tell ya of the story of Hemma. Hemma, the fastest jumper in the entire whole wide world. And I was there when it happened. It all started in the coldest spring this county has ever seen, us kids took to jumpin’ rope just to keep warm, and if we didn’t jump fast enough our shoes would freeze to the ground. Hemma was the daredevil, and after an hour of being faster than us all time and time again, he wanted a challenge and the only one fast enough to challenge Hemma was Hemma. So this crazy genius got the bright idea that the next morning he was going to take his shoes off to motivate him properly.

That morning the icy ground was frosted white. We tried to talk him out of it, but Hemma was no chicken. He didn’t even wear socks. I handed him the rope. He put a handle in each hand and then, one foot at a time, he slipped his boots off. And then he was off! He broke his own record in seconds. His teeth chattered, but he never stopped movin’, they kept counting but they couldn’t keep up, his feet was movin’ so fast. He jumped so fast and so long when his momma called him in for supper he couldn’t stop. She called the news, he broke the county record, and they called national news and he broke their record, and they called the world news and Hemma broke the world record, but his momma was worried. Finally she called Big Duke and Big Duke scooped him up. His feet kept movin’ even up in the air. And from then on, to this day, Hemma never stops movin’.

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