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The Devil Made Dot 4

The next victim of the heart's revenge was a small girl with a father long gone to the world without her. Missing her daddy was almost painful enough to rival Dot’s discomfort. But not quite enough. The whip broke skin and she screamed in so much anguish she could see Dot’s dangerous face peaking through the sanity she held to for so long. Not any more. Now the devil’s little angel had friends to suffer with her. Having no other cure, but the slow waltzing passage of time. The scary little girl twirled her pigtails and laughed.

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The sinister little girl shook her pigtails in disbelief. Time passed while she slept. Her victims walked and talked. The blood had dried the formidable foe of heartbreak and loss had not stopped them

One last victim she must have today. His brother had taken his own life and he was ashamed of the desire to follow suit. His heart was broken but so was his brain he wouldn’t let the darkness get him

First the dark clown of a girl whipped her jagged spines at a young lover who had to let the love of his life walk away. His teared face was turned out from the bridge she left him standing on. Sharp

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