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Western, Gift, Playing a Game.

Genre: Western

Random Word: Gift

Random Action: Playing a Game

Story Size: 350 Words

Three Aces and the pot was big. Orrin’s sore body sat uncomfortable on the wooden chair determined to win this time. He called.

“Full house, boy,” Jack Keen laid down his 10’s over duces and Orrin’s heart sank. Why’d he even bother playing this game? Luckily before Jack could gather his winnings and gloat a man burst through the saloon doors.

“Colburns’ been spotted!” He hallared, “Sheriffs looking for a posse!” Near every man in there stood, dropping whatever cards, drink, or woman they was holding. “Ride out in half an hour to Gunner pass.” He lead them out.

Orrin stayed sitting as the saloon emptied, he looked around before taking back his contribution to the pot.

“You ain’t joining?” Old man Boggs asked him from the far table.

“I ain’t but garbage with a gun, you know that.”

“But you’ve a sharp eye, posse can use them too.” Orrin felt a twinge of guilt. There weren’t many people in town, Colburn hadn’t wronged in some way. Robbed the local bank more than once, womanized more than a few daughters and shot more than few sons.

“I ain’t real brave.”

“Neither is Colburn. And you’ll have a whole posse coverin’ for you.”

Shame seeped into Orrin’s bones, “I ain’t my daddy, Old man.”

“Neither is your brother.” Orrin froze in shock. “Yeah, Orrin. I know.” The old man stood, his crutch clunking on the floor. He approached Orrin’s table.

“Look son, Colburn may be your kin, and he alway did have a gift for finding trouble like you’ve a gift for losing at cards, but he ain’t earned your leniency.”

“I ain’t hunting him down.” When it came to Colburn, Orrin stayed out of it.

“Then do the honorable thing and admit why.” He hobbled for the door, “If he’s found, he’s dead. Maybe the honorable thing is to ride to Gunner pass before a half hours up and warn him.”

The old man crossed out the double doors. Orrin sat in his thoughts for a moment longer, then got up, put his hat on, and raced out the back.

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